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As of June 25, 2022, Line Dot's gallery location will be closed. We will still have our online store. Please email us at hello@linedoteditions.com if you have any questions.

Open Call for Artists

Juried Holiday Exhibition

Line Dot Editions, Chicago’s break-through contemporary art gallery, invites emerging and established artists from Chicago and the larger Midwest area to submit work for a juried exhibition this holiday season. This is an unparalleled opportunity to gain exposure and build meaningful relationships in the art community, both on the local level as a Chicago-based exhibition and on an international level via the gallery’s web presence. Artists of all backgrounds working in any medium are welcome to apply. After the submission deadline on September 30th, a panel of five judges will evaluate all completed applications and choose 20 winning artists. Selected artwork will be exhibited in a holiday show running from November 17th until December 31st with an opening reception at the gallery.


Artists must submit all of the following to be considered:

  • Images of 3-4 available works (image size not to exceed 2MB per image) that have never been exhibited or offered for sale previously, submitted with title, medium, size, and price for each
  • Brief artist statement/bio
  • Links to website and Instagram account
  • Submissions will be accepted via email only (no walk-ins) to hello@linedoteditions.com with the subject line ‘[First Name]_[Last Name]_Application’

Important Dates

September 30th- Deadline for applications

October 15th- Selected artists notified

November 1st- Deadline for artwork delivery

November 17th- Opening reception for exhibition

December 31st- Exhibition closes

January 31st- All unsold artwork must be collected


  • Artists must be 18 years or older and currently residing in the Midwest.
  • Selected artists must promote the exhibition across all social media platforms.
  • Artwork must be ready to display and be delivered to the gallery no later than November 1st.
  • Artists will be responsible for collecting all unsold artwork between January 1st and 31st. If an artist is unable to collect unsold artwork in-person, it is the artist’s responsibility to arrange and pay for return shipping.
  • Artists are not allowed to collect work before the exhibition ends on December 31st, or make arrangements to sell selected artwork through another platform during the exhibition.

Line Dot Editions reserves the right to reject any artist/artwork at any time, for any reason.


DENIAL: Mixed Bag

Thursday, September 7th 6:00-10:00pm

Join us on Thursday, September 7th, for a special showcase featuring the celebrated graffiti artist DENIAL. The evening will debut an exclusive new collection of his culture jamming reconfigured logos. Fabricated of laser-cut wood, these humorous artworks expose the questionable political, social and ethical assumptions behind commercial culture. The event kicks off at 6pm and the artist will be present for the reception.
Daniel Bombardier, known by his moniker DENIAL, is a Canadian graffiti and mixed-media artist. His work critiques consumerism and the human condition with an emphasis on the negative effects of modern advertising, politics, and social media that contemporary society is often “in denial” about. Using guerrilla-marketing techniques, DENIAL maintains a prolific public presence comprised of over 500,000 stickers, placards, and murals worldwide. His street practice challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through bold and satirical visual subversions intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurdism. The artist spends much of the year traveling and exhibiting throughout Canada, the United States, and overseas.

RSVP to DENIAL: Mixed Bag on Facebook here.

Vexta: Figure of Light

We are thrilled to be offering two gorgeous paintings from the lauded Australian artist Vexta. Hailing from Sydney, she is recognized as a leading female artist of the international street art scene. Her work juxtaposes animals and human forms amid colorful, geometric shards, and seeks to provide insight into our fundamental engagement with the human condition. 'Figure of Light' I & II offer a visual manifestation of C.G. Jung's reflection that "one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

Currently based in New York, Vexta spreads her vision across continents and countries, studios and streets, with an international array of public murals, exhibitions, and collaborations. She has work in prominent art institutions globally, including The National Gallery of Australia, and was featured in Banksy’s film Exit Through the Gift Shop and his Cans Festival in 2008.

View Vexta's 'Figure of Light' paintings in the gallery or on our website here.



David Soukup: The Second City


Join the Line Dot team for cocktails at the gallery tonight as we celebrate the release of a new series of original stencil paintings on wood by Chicago-based artist David Soukup. More recent arrivals, exclusive editions, and rare prints will also be on view. 

If you can't make it tonight, this exclusive new body of work is available to view and purchase now on our site.

Chicago native David Soukup is a critically acclaimed stencil artist known for his precisely rendered mixed media works that explore the urban landscape and gritty details of the city. His richly textured, hand-cut stencil paintings straddle the boundaries between photo-realism and graphic design, drawing inspiration from the beauty and detritus of the artist’s daily life in Chicago. Soukup has garnered international attention as the winner of the World Stencil Prize in 2013 and his paintings have been showcased worldwide in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Sydney. His work has also been featured on the Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Artist-a-Day websites.


Emmy Star Brown: Lines & Vines

We are thrilled to present an exclusive series of six original paintings on reclaimed glass windows by Chicago-based artist Emmy Star Brown. This new body of work is inspired by a recent trip to California, reflecting the lyrical beauty and tropical sensuousness of Pacific flora. Executed in her signature style of delicate twists and whimsical forms, Brown's impeccable linework is always created freehand. Her graphic design background is evident in her clean, monochromatic palette and economy of line. With collaborations at numerous art institutions and commercial venues, Brown's recognizable style can be found throughout the city. Recent commissions include a large-scale mural for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and an edition of paintings for Cub's player Kris Bryant's wedding.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for cocktails at the release party! If you missed it, 'Lines & Vines' is currently featured at the gallery with a hand-painted wall by the artist. Available work is also now on our site here.


Kate Lewis: New Ink Drawings

We are thrilled to be releasing a new series of original ink drawings by the talented Chicago artist Kate Lewis. With meticulous attention to detail, Lewis captures the intricacies of everyday edifices to memorialize the architectural elements of quotidien life and embolden viewers to discover new ways to engage with their surroundings. The purposeful selection of structures underlines her belief that walls silently absorb the stories lived within them; that much like us, they become a product of their environment. Based in Chicago, Lewis has drawn globally with pieces originating in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Each original drawing ($350 framed) is now available at the gallery and on our site here.

Tiptoe: Original Works on Wood

Currently on view at the gallery and available on our site here is an exclusive edition of works on wood by Tiptoe, an anonymous street artist active in Chicago since 2006. Tiptoe's studio practice is a direct extension of work in the streets, with objects and discarded materials moving fluidly from detritus to canvasses. Tiptoe contends that the “laborious method of engraving becomes a meditation embracing beauty found in the experience of futility.” These signature works on wood are held in collections worldwide, and have been exhibited in Chicago, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.


NEW RELEASE: Scott Albrecht 'Of One'

We are thrilled to be releasing an exclusive new edition of four original works on wood by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht. Each of these uniquely colored variants in the edition are titled 'Of One' and are based on Albrecht's translation of that phrase into an abstract geometric typography. This body of work addresses themes of cohesion in the face of diversity and unity in a world that is increasingly polarized. Albrecht's artistic practice exudes optimism and disseminates a message of perseverance and inclusion. 

Scott Albrecht is an artist and designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY and is a member of the Gowanus Studio Space. A self-taught woodworker with a passion for hand-drawn typography, Albrecht fuses classic techniques with a contemporary aesthetic. His masterful compositions frequently incorporate vintage ephemera and abstracted geometric designs. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, including a successful recent solo show at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles.


Erik Lundquist & Javier Mayoral: New Paintings & Drawings

Tuesday, March 14th 6:00-9:00pm

Grab a friend and join us for wintry cocktails this Tuesday, March 14th as we celebrate the release of new paintings and drawings by Javier Mayoral and Erik Lundquist. 

Born and based in Chicago, Erik Lundquist's pen and ink drawings are enthralling in their hyper-meticulous linework and nuanced detail. Compositional elements are sourced from the artist's everyday life and surrounding cultural forces, including skateboarding, punk rock, zines and tattoos. With numerous featured exhibitions, large-scale murals, public projects and company collaborations, Lundquist’s recognizable style can be found throughout the city.

Deeply rooted in Dada and Surrealist traditions, Javier Mayoral's paintings employ unexpected juxtapositions and witty aphorisms to humorous effect. His paintings on small wooden panels depict an eclectic variety of subjects, providing running satire on everything from philosophy to food, celebrities to politics, suburban life to gender dynamics. Mayoral's well-defined style has garnered an international following and his works are housed in art institutions and private collections worldwide.


Print Release: Chris Uphues

Exclusively at Line Dot, we are excited to partner with Chicago-born artist Chris Uphues to release this 14 plate lithograph 'Starry Wizards' ($400) in a limited edition of 30 available now at the gallery and on our site here.

Visual artist and designer Chris Uphues is best known for his signature hearts that can be found wheat pasted and in murals throughout Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. His paintings and prints are densely detailed compositions of stars, flowers, shapes, and cartoon-like faces and are inspired by diverse popular references ranging from comic books and persian calligraphy to street art and Disney animations. Uphues' work has been featured in solo and group shows both in the US and abroad.


Hebru Brantley New Mythos Series: 'The First Appearance'

Exclusive Print Release Thursday, March 2nd

We are thrilled to be releasing Hebru Brantley's New Mythos spin on the classic X-Men character Wolverine! The 4th print in our exclusive series, this striking 11-color hand-pulled screen print is available in a regular edition of 50 The First Appearance’ ($285), a variant edition of 25 ‘Remembering Silvestri' ($425), and a super limited edition of 10 ‘Feral (The Ghost Boy)’ ($525). All three prints will be released Thursday, March 2nd at the gallery and on our site at 11:00am CST to coincide with the new ‘Logan’ movie debuting that evening. We will also be offering a limited number of hand-finished versions of each variant, please contact us to be added to the list of interested collectors.


Rune Christensen: Icons

We're thrilled to be kicking off 2017 with the release of three original paintings by the internationally renowned artist Rune Christensen. Christensen has developed a distinctive method of portraiture that obscures the faces of his subjects except for their eyes, and instead communicates to the viewer through a panoply of symbol and pattern. An extensive traveler, Christensen collects visual inspiration from all over the world, sourcing motifs from the iconography and textiles of Asian, South American, European and North African cultures.

These three new paintings on paper from Cristensen's Icon series are captivating in their intimate scale and delicate details. Christensen's work is now on view at the gallery and available on our site here.

Ron Copeland: Mosaic Lamps

For years Ron Copeland has prowled around the outskirts of Pittsburg searching for plexiglass signage from long-abandoned businesses to use in his art installations. These mosaic lamps contain re-purposed vintage plexiglass pieces as well as new pieces printed by Copeland that are purposefully aged. The cut-and-paste aesthetic of these pieces is timeless, conjuring references as diverse as punk rock gig posters from the 1970s and Dada collages from the 1920s. Copeland's mosaic lamps are currently on view in the gallery and available online here.


POP!NK: Prints & Originals

If you missed our whiskey-fueled release party last week, be sure to stop by Line Dot to check out Steve Seeley's pop-inspired creations, Zach Schrey's vibrant camo paintings, and Curtis William Readel's diligently crafted collages made entirely from cut-up US currency. Newly released work by all three artists, plus rare prints by Ermsy, Jason Freeney, Upendo, and more from the POP!NK archives are now available on our site here.


Holiday Gifts at Line Dot

Signed books and toys and prints and more...

This holiday season we are thrilled to be offering a selection of signed artist books and limited edition art toys alongside our collection of affordable prints, sculptures, and original artwork. For the art lovers on your list, we have a variety of pieces and price points to ensure you find that perfect gift!

All artwork at the gallery is available to take-away immediately, and choosing a peice is risk-free as you or your giftee can exchange your selection for any reason. We also now have gift certificates available on our site, or in custom amounts by request.


KAWS: Art Toys

Now featured at the gallery and available on our site is a rare collection of KAWS limited edition art toys, featuring his signature 'Companion'  as well as popular collaborations with Todd James and Jun Takahashi. Selling out immediately upon release, these vinyl art toys are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the current market.

Brian Donnelly, known internationally as KAWS, is a Brooklyn-based artist whose multi-media practice spans the worlds of graffiti, pop art, and consumer culture. Continually blurring the boundaries between fine and commercial art, many of his most well known images are reimagined versions of animated characters. With their approachable cartoon style, these characters are able to express and provoke a complex array of human emotions. Recent solo museum shows at the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth have cemented his reputation, garnering popular and critical acclaim.

Hebru Brantley New Mythos Series: 'Strange'

Exclusive Print Release Thursday, October 27th

To coincide with the upcoming Marvel movie, this Thursday we will be releasing 'Strange,' the third print in our exclusive Hebru Brantley 'New Mythos' series! This stunning 12 color hand-pulled screen print features Doctor Strange rendered in Brantley's signature style. Complementing the regular edition of 50, we are releasing a small edition of 15 'Brother Voodoo' variants printed on black paper. A limited number of matching print sets and hand-finished variants will also be available. 

Both editions will be released at the gallery and on our website at 11:00am CST this Thursday, October 27th.


Mint&Serf: Exclusive Edition of Hand-Finished Prints

Saturday, October 1st 6-10pm

Join us for drinks and art and more drinks next Saturday night as we release an exclusive edition of hand-finished prints by the New York graffiti duo Mint&Serf. Each of the five Muffins (2016) prints have been tagged by Mint&Serf in their signature handstyles, heightening the exuberant layering of the original composition and rendering each piece unique.

With their raw aesthetic and enthralling depth, Mint&Serf’s work stands in opposition to the anesthetized graffiti of corporate ad campaigns and more conventional artistic modes. During late night sessions tagging canvasses with members of their crew Peter Pan Posse (PPP), Mint&Serf translate the subversive attitude and lifestyle of graffiti culture directly into their work. The duo has been featured in a multitude of publications including ARTFORUM, NYMag, Interview Magazine, The DailyMail and Vice.

Also on October 1st we will be releasing an edition of four original works on paper by the Dutch graffiti legend Niels Meulman, aka Shoe. Meulman is known internationally for his amalgamation of graffiti and calligraphy into a single art form deemed Calligraffiti. The bold brushwork and intricate curves of his linework are derived from a long interest in the beauty of the written word and reference an impressive range of forms both ancient and modern. Widely acclaimed, Meulman's Calligraffiti paintings have been shown in numerous international exhibitions and are in the permanent collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

All artwork will first be available in-person at the gallery on Saturday night, followed by a release on our site.


Hebru Brantley New Mythos Series:
'No Need for Alarm'

Exclusive Print Release Friday, September 9th

Following our first sold-out edition with Hebru Brantley 'The Mysterious Myth of the Boy Spider,' we are thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with Brantley to continue the New Mythos series. For his second print, 'No Need for Alarm,' Brantley reimagines a classic Hulk image in his signature new mythology style. The 11-color hand-pulled screen print will be available in a regular edition of 50, as well as an 'Issue 1' gray variant edition of 20 and a 'False Alarm' red variant edition of 15. A limited number of matching print sets and hand-finished variants will also be available. 

All three editions will be released at the gallery and on our website at 11:00am CST this Friday, September 9th.

Line Dot's exclusive New Mythos superhero print series will continue with a new release every 8-12 weeks. Each screen print in the series will be hand-pulled by the local printmaking collaborative Pop!nk and will be signed and numbered by Brantley. 


Release Party: New Gillie & Marc Sculptures
 + FAILE Prints from our Archives

Wednesday, August 24th 6:00-10:00pm

Join us on the evening of the 24th for the Chicago debut of Australian artists Gillie & Marc. The husband-and-wife duo, known for their instantly recognizable Dogman and Rabbitgirl avatars, are part of the new generation of artists whose lives straddle the boundaries between visual practice and personal space. With their anthropomorphic qualities, Dogman and Rabbitgirl project the whimsy and levity of Gillie and Marc's relationship and tie their personal story into a greater artistic context. 

Line Dot is pleased to premier a selection of sculptural works from two of the artists' beloved collections. The Lolly series features Rabbitgirl and Dogman cast in colored and clear polyresin available in two different sizes. The bronze Miniature Collection recreates imagery from their popular public art commissions on a more intimate scale. All of the sculptures are from limited editions and are signed and numbered by the artists. 

Gillie & Marc have been collaborating together for over 20 years. In addition to numerous public sculptures and commissions, they have exhibited worldwide in over thirty solo shows. They were Archibald Prize Finalists in 2006, won the Chianciano Biennale in Tuscany in 2009, and were finalists in Bondi’s Sculptures by the Sea in 2012. Their work is held in collections both nationally and internationally.

Also on the 24th, we are thrilled to open our archives and offer a selection of iconic work from the lauded Brooklyn street art duo FAILE. The offerings run the gamut from large edition prints to unique hand-finished works. This will be a rare opportunity to view a selection of FAILE's meticulously crafted screen prints and acquire classic imagery from the duo's early oeuvre. 

Following the party on the 24th, all remaining artwork from Gillie & Marc and FAILE will be available on our site Thursday at noon.


New Release: Hebru Brantley Hand-Finished Prints

Thank you to all who came to our Hebru Brantley launch party and made the evening such a success! Both of our exclusive edition prints sold out nearly immediately! To follow this up we are excited to now offer an extremely limited number of unique hand-finished variants. We have only three 'The Mysterious Myth of the Boy Spider' HPMs available. In addition, we are releasing only one hand-finished version of the 'From Miles to Miles' print variant. The HPMs of both editions are currently available at the gallery and on our site.

If you missed the release party, you can still catch our installation of over 50 'New Mythos' sculpted masks on view at the gallery as a full collection for a limited time. You can also peruse all our exclusive work by Hebru Brantley on our site here.


Release Party: Hebru Brantley

Friday, July 15th 6:00-10:00pm

Join us at Line Dot on Friday night to celebrate the launch of our exclusive collection of work by Hebru Brantley. The evening will feature the release of a new screen print alongside a selection of unique original works.

Brantley's installation will showcase 50 of his coveted 'New Mythos' masks. These hand-painted resin sculptures blend the iconography of Brantley's trademark Flyboy and Flygirl characters with comic book superheroes. Each piece is crafted in his studio and hand-painted in a unique colorway. The 8-color hand-pulled screen print 'The Mysterious Myth of the Boy Spider' depicts Miles Morales, one of the characters who subsumes the identity of Spiderman.

Born and raised in Chicago, Brantley's artistic practice addresses the issues and injustices of urban life in America through his cast of youthful characters. His work draws inspiration from an imaginative mix of historic and fictional heroes, pop culture icons, Japanese anime, and early street art pioneers. Brantley's renowned public murals and solo shows have garnered international attention and his work is sought-after by major collectors and art institutions worldwide. 

All artwork will first be available in-person at the gallery Friday night. If you do not live in Chicago or are unable to attend, remaining work will being released on our website Saturday morning at noon.


Release Party: Hellbent & David Soukup

Friday, June 24th 6:00-9:00pm

Hellbent Demo Quadriptych

Please join us for drinks on Friday, June 24th to celebrate the release of a second edition of Demos by J Mikal Davis aka Hellbent and the debut of previously unseen work by David Soukup.

Following up on our first sold out edition with Hellbent, we are thrilled to announce that we have once again partnered with the Brooklyn-based artist. This new series of original works features four Demos, including a multi-panel Demo Quadriptych. These pieces display the exuberant visual rhythm of sharp geometry, delicate florals, and luminous colors that is characteristic of Hellbent's best work.

David Soukup

Friday evening we will also be debuting previously unseen paintings by critically acclaimed stencil artist David Soukup. The Chicago native's richly textured hand-cut stencil paintings straddle the boundaries between realism and graphic design. Drawing inspiration from Chicago's distinctive alleyways, Soukup's work explores the beauty and detritus of the urban landscape. 

Both the Hellbent Demos and Soukup paintings will first be released in-person at the gallery on Friday evening and then on our website the following day.


JUST IN: Sickboy Originals

We are thrilled to follow up the launch of our exclusive edition of Sickboy sculptures with the release of five original works on paper and a mixed media painting on canvas by the renowned UK street artist. These lyrical pieces entice the viewer to explore Sickboy’s highly-developed universe of technicolor graphics, jovial characters, and quasi-futuristic landscapes.

All the work is currently installed in the gallery alongside his customized “Life & Death” sculptures. Stop by this Saturday night during our extended hours (till9pm) to view the collection in person. All the work is now on our website as well.


Grand Opening Release Party

Exclusive US Edition of Sickboy "Life & Death" Sculptures

Thursday, May 19th 6:00-10:00pm

Sickboy Life & Death Coffin Sculpture

Please join us Thursday, May 19th for wine and beer at Line Dot’s inaugural release party! Following a sold out UK edition, Line Dot has partnered with artist Sickboy to release an exclusive, hand-finished US edition of 10 "Life and Death" sculptures in a unique blue/purple color way. Emerging from the infamous Bristol graffiti scene, Sickboy is one of the most prolific street artists active today. His diverse multimedia practice embraces the unconventional and the macabre with a cheerfully cartoonish style and an infectious optimism. He has gained global recognition for his solo exhibitions, elaborate installations, and his featured appearance in Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

In this collaborative edition, Sickboy’s charismatic Coffin—with it’s toothy grin and bright dancing boots—is hand-cast in resin to bring the recurring character to life. Each piece is hand-finished with a back panel painting by Sickboy and is presented in a handcrafted wooden box. This exclusive edition of 10 sculptures will first be available in-person only at the gallery Thursday night, followed by a release to the general public online Friday morning.


NEW RELEASE: Hellbent Demo Series

Hellbent Demo 104

We are thrilled to be launching a new edition from J Mikal Davis aka Hellbent exclusively at Line Dot. These four original works from the artist’s Demo series remix the ornate designs and exuberant colors of his signature style. What makes the Demos different than Hellbent's paintings is that they are crafted out of the strips of tape used to mask-off boundaries in previous pieces. Fractured shards of pure color spliced with soft, lacey patterns create that visual rhythm distinctive to Hellbent’s work.

Hellbent’s innovative mode of abstract street art can be found on city streets and in galleries throughout the US and Europe. View this exclusive edition of four Demos now on our site and in the gallery.