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Line Dot's Third Annual Juried Show

Opening + Artist Reception Friday, June 21st 6:00-9:00pm

Line Dot is thrilled to present our Third Annual Juried Show featuring original work from 25 selected local artists! Join us for the opening reception on June 21st with drinks from 6-9pm.

Roster of talented Chicago artists includes: 
Aidan Hercules | Ann Weinheimer | Antonio Beniquez | Barry Callahan | Blake Jones | Caroline Liu | Cristi López | Dale Paracuelles | Dovie Golden | Elaine Boby | Emmett Merrill | Eric Weatherford | Frank Quintero | Gary Schechner | Isamar Medina | Joseph Renda Jr. | Kurt Kreissl | Laura Catherwood | Lily Cozzens | Merry James | Moises Salazar | Mosher | Oscar Joyo | Sean Hannaway | Zachary Mory

The exhibition will run until July 20th.


OakOak Pop-Up

Artist Reception Friday, July 26th 6:00-9:00pm

We're thrilled to have the world-renowned street artist OakOak join us for an exclusive pop-up event! OakOak's urban interventions play upon existing elements of their environments, drawing our attention to oft-overlooked details and enlivening city streets with his wit and humor. Come meet the legend next Friday night and check out a new collection of paintings, prints, and three-dimensional works. 


Savannah Jubic + Renée Hrovat

Artist Reception Friday, August 23rd 6:00-9:00pm 


Previous Exhibitions


Zach Schrey: What's Up Doc

Opening + Artist Reception Saturday, June 1st 6:00-9:00pm

Line Dot is excited to present our second exclusive release of new paintings by Zach Schrey. Join us for drinks with the artist on Saturday, June 1st from 6-9pm.

Zach Schrey is a Chicago-based artist and printmaker/co-owner of Pop!nk Editions. Rooted in contemporary urban culture, Schrey creates an alternate world of characters and designs that remind us of the everyday, yet have an instant presence because of their bold, clean aesthetic. Influenced by the ubiquitous imagery of cartoons, comics, and corporate logos/brands, Schrey’s work collectively pokes fun at these cultural icons, heightening our awareness of their superficiality and constant presence in our lives. His paintings and prints have been shown throughout the US and abroad.

*Sponsored by Old Style


Kayla Mahaffey: Off to the Races

Solo Show Opening Friday, April 26th 6:00-9:00pm
Exhibition runs through May 25th 

Line Dot is thrilled to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Kayla Mahaffey, following her sold-out debut show last year. ‘Off to the Races’ builds on the thematic and stylistic principles of Mahaffey’s previous work, further developing the artist’s unique blend of flat, cartoon elements with brilliant photorealism. Please join us for an opening night celebration with the artist on Friday, April 26th from 6-9pm.

Artist Statement:
'Off to the Races' narrates the ever-changing road of life. As we travel through life we experience the daily trials and tribulations that help shape us into the people we are today. During this journey we may end up hitting some bumps or may experience some rough terrain, but it's how we deal with those situations that make the difference. We are all on the journey to greatness, each individual racing to the finish line in hope of reaching goals and prosperity. With the race may come with it mistakes and regret, but not taking part in the race leads you nowhere. 


Jillian Evelyn: It's About Time (Presented by Vertical Gallery)

Solo Show Opening Saturday, March 23rd 6:00-9:00pm at Line Dot
Exhibition runs through April 20th  

We're thrilled to be partnering with Vertical Gallery to present a solo show of new work by Los Angeles-based painter Jillian Evelyn. ‘It’s About Time’ will be exhibited at Line Dot from March 23rd until April 20th, with an artist reception on opening night from 6:00-9:00pm.

‘It’s About Time’ investigates temporal experience from a female perspective, delving into the near-obsessive nature of women’s relationship with time. The increasingly rapid pace of our technology-driven world and the feminist reckoning of the ‘Time’s Up’ movement lend a particular relevance to the subject, but Jillian Evelyn’s panoptic lens extends beyond the current moment and is rooted in her own experience. Evelyn created the artwork for this exhibition as a way to confront and to process her personal and cultural observations of female temporal experience. She traces the burgeoning complexity of her relationship with time to the transition from childhood to womanhood and the cyclical rhythm that eventually develops therein. Now in her thirties, the artist is discovering a new set of challenges that women face around aging and childbearing. Reflecting society’s limited scope of female value centered on unrealistic expectations of physical appearance and motherhood, women are often left feeling that their worth diminishes as they age.

‘It’s About Time’ combats these dominant cultural narratives and offers an unapologetic alternative that embraces female experience in all its messy complexity. In these new paintings, Evelyn plays with texture and linework to novel effect, resulting in a fresh take on the signature style of her previous pieces. Reflecting on this creative process, Evelyn articulates that “it felt suitable to utilize this time to grow as an artist rather than fear change and the idea that my time as an artist will come to an end.”

Born in the midwest and currently living in Los Angeles, Jillian Evelyn is a highly accomplished painter, sculptor, illustrator and printmaker. Her practice balances challenging conceptual themes that tackle the darker sides of modern life with a brightly-colored pop aesthetic. In addition to gallery shows across the US, her work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Vice, CONTEXT Art Miami, and other major fairs and publications.


Curtis William Readel: Feed the Beast

Reception with the Artist Saturday, February 23rd 6:00-9:00pm
Exhibition runs through March 16th  

Line Dot is thrilled to present Curtis William Readel: Feed the Beast, a new collection of twenty bill-sized original works crafted entirely of shredded US currency. Readel employs this innovative medium to explore the concatenated web of art, design, capitalism and commerce that is woven through our physical and digital existences. Familiar lifestyle brand logos and trademark figures from contemporary art are featured alongside other pop culture currencies, both literal and symbolic. Meticulously pieced together from hundreds of bill fragments, each artwork is an exemplar of detail-oriented craftsmanship that serves as an antidote to the mass produced uniformity of branded commodities.

Based in Chicago, Curtis William Readel is an artist and printmaker/co-owner of Pop!nk Editions. From referencing monetary images to using actual currency, Readel creates semi-satiric political commentaries that challenge our distorted views of financial normalcy and success. His work has been exhibited domestically and internationally in Brussels, New York, Kiev, and Bucharest among others. 


Max Sansing: Keyed In

Solo Show at SCOPE Miami

SCOPE Art Fair Miami Beach, December 4th - 9th

Line Dot is thrilled to present a solo show by Chicago artist Max Sansing at this year's SCOPE Miami Beach. 'Keyed In' will feature new original paintings that dive deeper into the themes and subjects of Sansing's widely acclaimed murals. An exclusive, limited edition screen print will be released in conjunction with the fair. 

Max Sansing is a Chicago-based fine artist and one of the city’s most prolific and talented muralists. His distinct aesthetic fuses the color-drenched dynamism of street art with the technical elegance of photorealism. Born and raised on the South Side by two artistic parents, Sansing discovered his passion and creative gift at an early age. During his youth he was involved with several graffiti crews and taught himself oil painting before completing formal training at the American Academy of Art. In addition to his studio practice, Sansing is frequently commissioned to create large-scale murals and experiential installations across the country. He is deeply committed to supporting his Chicago community and is involved with numerous youth programs that expand arts opportunities in underserved areas. His work has been featured in gallery shows and special events in Chicago, New York, and Miami among others.


'EIGHT' Exhibition Curated by Jeroen Smeets

Opening Reception Friday, November 9th 6:00-9:00pm
Exhibition runs through December 8th

Line Dot is thrilled to present 'EIGHT', a new group exhibition of contemporary illustrators curated by Jeroen Smeets of Eight Gallery and the Jaunt. Join us for drinks at the opening reception on Friday, November 9th from 6:00-9:00pm.

Illustration is one of the most versatile art forms and is quickly becoming a prominent and innovative field of contemporary visual culture. In recent years, talented illustrators have begun to traverse the boundaries between the illustration world and the art world, blurring the lines that separate the two. This new group show entitled EIGHT proudly presents eight pioneering artists who are navigating that liminal space between illustration and fine art. These leading creatives are continuously pushing their own boundaries and searching for new visual challenges and solutions. For this exhibition, each artist has contributed a series of eight original works on paper that capture their distinct style and visual language.

The EIGHT artists are:
Adrian Johnson (United Kingdom)
AKACorleone (Portugal)
Andrew Watch (Canada)
Ellakookoo (Israel)
Hedof (Netherlands)
Kellen Hatanaka (Canada)
Marc David Spangler (Germany)
Ted Parker (Netherlands)


Kayla Mahaffey: Cherish The Days

Opening Reception Friday, October 12th 6:00-10:00pm
Exhibition run throughs November 3rd

Line Dot is thrilled to announce 'Cherish The Days', the first solo show from rising Chicago art star Kayla Mahaffey. Join us Friday, October 12th from 6-10pm for a reception with the artist celebrating the release of this highly-anticipated new body of work.

Born and raised on Chicago's South Side, Kayla Mahaffey (also known as KaylaMay) is a painter and muralist who recently graduated from the Academy of Art and is already garnering impressive attention and accolades in the Chicago art scene. Her solo show ‘Cherish the Days’ narrates the stories and voices of contemporary youth and the perpetual struggle to escape from daily hardships. As the artist elucidates: “We as a country are filling the minds of the next generation with sights of fear and violence. Many people grow up with little to no hope of adulthood, and even when they do make it they are filled with anger and regret. This show not only tells the story of an unheard generation, but serves as a guide to bring hope back into our daily lives by living day by day and cherishing each moment not in a mindset of an adult but as a kid.”


Mando Marie: Would Be Nice

Release Thursday, September 27th
After Hours Viewing Party Saturday, October 6th 6:00-9:00pm
Exhibition runs through October 12th

Line Dot is thrilled to be releasing a new series of collage paintings, 'Would Be Nice' by Mando Marie. Join us during our late hours till 9:00pm on Saturday, October 6th to view this exclusive collection.

Mando Marie is an American painter and stencilist currently based in Amsterdam. Mando’s instantly recognizable characters draw their stylistic inspiration from Golden Age picture books, exuding a sense of childhood adventure and wonder. Adding a contemporary spin that reflects her street art savvy, Mando works primarily with spray paint, stencils and collage elements. Her paintings frequently feature repetitive and mirrored imagery, eliciting a dream-like quality that is simultaneously pleasant and haunting.


Polly Jiménez: Faces · Caras

Opening Reception Friday, September 14th 6:00-9:00pm

Line Dot is thrilled to present a new series of watercolor paintings by Mexican artist Polly Jiménez. In 'Faces · Caras' Jiménez explores complex issues of cultural identity, heritage, and immigration through the lens of whimsical childhood activities. Each painting features traditional masks from different states in Mexico donned by children engaging in everyday play. By creating imaginative scenes of contemporary youth in traditional costuming, Jiménez lends pictorial form to the knowledge that no matter where these children’s lives take them they will continue to uphold the legacy and beauty of their cultural identity.