Zoi Zoi

Zoi Zoi is the interdisciplinary creative duo of Chicago-based artists Joanie Faletto and Myles Emmons. Pairing a painting and fiber arts practice with design/build, Joanie and Myles set off on energetic design adventures that celebrate their shared joys, like dancing, bright colors, house music, and borzois. Opting to integrate art into daily life rather than just surrounding themselves with it, Zoi Zoi creates functional and tactile art objects.

Materializing in the early days of Chicago’s stay-at-home order, Club House begins as an acknowledgment that the nightlife we once knew is gone. Rather than pining for the past or a post-pandemic future, Zoi Zoi instead seeks to explore what it might look like to have that purloined clubbing experience exist in your own living room, right now.

The tufted wall works that comprise Club House thread together objects of domesticity and nightlife: specifically rugs and rave flyers. Classic flyer phrases like "Resident DJs" and "Free All Night" are translated into wall hanging rugs that assume layers of deep irony in the context of the new homebody lifestyle. Though mandated by COVID-19, this collection represents adaptation. Unlike the fleeting existence of a paper flyer, clubbing at home is part of a new normal that is here to stay. Zoi Zoi believes there are ways to manifest a club experience while quarantined at home alone, and Club House safely and encouragingly takes you there.