WK Interact

French, b. 1969

WK (aka WK Interact) is a French artist who has lived and worked in New York City for the last 25 years. His unmistakable imagery features subjects captured in motion while surrounded by the frenetic chaos of urban environments. Employing a monochromatic color palette, WK’s high-energy, streaked figures blur through areas of stark negative space that balance their sense of urgency. Whether working on the street or in the gallery, WK chooses imagery specifically with a concern for encounters in public environments, or “interactions” as the artist indicates in his pseudonym. In the late 1990s his images began appearing on building facades in downtown Manhattan, complimenting the constant stir of bodies and the perpetual motion of contemporary urban life in the fast-paced city. With an extensive international following, WK has now exhibited in galleries from Tokyo to Berlin, Los Angeles to Sydney.