German, b. 1981

Jasmin Siddiqui is a graffiti artist and painter known internationally as Hera. She was raised half-Muslim and half-Catholic by her Pakistani and German parents, becoming intimately acquainted with the benefits and hardships of socio-religious differences even before elementary school. She discovered graffiti as a way to interact and deal with the diverse, often conflicting perspectives of her familial and cultural background. With a formal education in graphic design, Jasmin began to make a name for herself in the international graffiti world under the pseudonym Hera, after the high goddess of ancient Greek mythology. In addition to her acclaimed solo art practice, Hera met AKUT in 2004 and the two formed the crew Herakut. The duo’s artwork can be found in galleries and on the streets of major cities around the world–from Toronto to Kathmandu, and San Francisco to Melbourne.