Polly Jiménez: Faces · Caras

We're thrilled to be releasing a new series of watercolor paintings by Polly Jiménez with an artist reception tomorrow evening from 6-9pm!

In 'Faces · CarasJiménez explores complex issues of cultural identity, heritage, and immigration through the lens of whimsical childhood activities. Each painting features traditional masks from different states in Mexico donned by children engaging in everyday play. By creating imaginative scenes of contemporary youth in traditional costuming, Jiménez lends pictorial form to the knowledge that no matter where these children’s lives take them they will continue to uphold the legacy and beauty of their cultural identity. 

Preview and purchase the 'Faces · Caras' collection here.

 As featured on Telemundo Chicago:

New Daniel Wilson Original Paintings

A big thank you to everyone who joined us at the release party last night for our brand new series of mixed media paintings by Chicago-based artist Daniel Wilson. If you missed it, these enchanting original works will be on view during our late hours next Saturday, September 1st till 9pm and are available now online here.

Daniel Wilson is a fine artist and photographer from Cambridge, UK currently living and working in Chicago. Wilson’s captivating multimedia approach includes a diverse mix of acrylic, pen, pencil, spray paint, vintage images, and the artist’s own photography. His layered pieces aim to expose the hidden fabric behind the reality of the human condition, exploring the interrelational web of thoughts, feelings, atoms and energy waves that create our universe. His artwork often centers around the representation of human emotions, emphasizing the shared aspects of humanity that outweigh what divides us. Attracted to street art’s democratic nature, Wilson crafts artwork specifically for the urban environment in addition to his gallery work. Wilson has executed several popular murals, including recent commissions for the Violet Hour and the Chicago B_Line.

Juried Exhibition Opening July 19th

Line Dot is thrilled to present our second annual juried exhibition, 'Hot Fun in the Summertime' featuring brand new work from 24 local artists! Join us for the opening reception on July 19th with drinks from 6-9pm.

Selected by our jury from a pool of nearly 100 applicants, this talented group of Chicago-based artists spans nearly every aesthetic and medium from glazed stoneware and reclaimed neon signs to digital photography and cast resin art toys.

If you can't make the opening, the show will run until August 16th and all the artwork will be available to peruse and purchase on our website.

Participating artists: Aidan Hercules | Baldur Helgason | Blake Jones | Chris Gallevo | DEAL | Ethos | Frank Quintero | Gabe Lanza | Glenn Wexler | James Eastwood | Jeff Pak | Joe Renda | Joey Knox | Julia Banderas | Karl Jahnke | Kayla Mahaffey | Layne Jackson | Liam Bryce | Merry James | Nicholas Miletic | Oscar Joyo | Patty Spyrakos | Sean Hannaway | Sergio Farfan


*Email hello@linedoteditions.com to receive the Collector's Preview*

Damion Silver: Reclaimed Wood Wall Sculptures

Fresh at the gallery is an exclusive collection of handcrafted wall sculptures by Boston-based artist Damion Silver. Fabricated from vintage street signs, abandoned police barricades, reclaimed wood and enamel paint, these unique artworks evoke the ephemerality of the urban landscape. View the collection in person at the gallery or online here.

Damion Silver is a predominantly self-taught artist who has developed his skills from trades such as animation inker, cabinet maker, and product designer. Silver’s work has been shown from coast to coast and exhibited internationally in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Kyle Cobban: Graphite Drawings

Line Dot is thrilled to introduce the work of Chicago artist Kyle Cobban with an exclusive collection of flawlessly rendered original drawings. This stunning series sold quickly during the release reception, with only a few pieces still available at the gallery and on our site here

Kyle Cobban is a Chicago-based fine artist and high school art teacher in the city’s South Side. Cobban’s visual language evolved from years of observing his students as they grappled with the challenges of navigating their personal narratives. Working primarily in pencil, Cobban creates subtly surreal images that evoke both the strength and vulnerability essential for inner metamorphosis. Each drawing is an illusion of many beings compressed into one as hands and arms float around the core of each figure, searching for their center. Prioritizing line and tonal qualities, his realistically-rendered characters are contrasted with the emptiness of their white backgrounds. The juxtaposition of these static environments with more rhythmic features results in a subdued sense of movement within the works. Cobban often obscures the faces of his figures, creating a metaphorical mask that disrupts the typical power dynamics of subject and viewer.

Steve Seeley: He Said/She Said

This past Friday at Line Dot saw the release of a brilliant new collection of original diptych paintings on paper from Chicago artist and printmaker Steve Seeley. Titled He Said / She Said, the works in this series feature visual themes cleverly applied to a pair of portraits that Seeley culled from 1960's romance comic books. These meticulously crafted paintings on paper humorously reference a range of comics and animation including early Max Fletcher cartoons, The Simpsons, Silver Age Marvel Comics and a healthy dose of Tex Avery. To accompany the series, Seeley has created a gorgeous, limited edition catalogue that features the entire body of work and examples of the source material that inspired the project.

The available paintings from He Said / She Said and the catalogue may now be viewed and purchased at the gallery and on our website.

Open Call for Artists: 'Hot Fun in the Summertime' Juried Exhibition

Line Dot Editions, Chicago’s break-through contemporary art gallery, invites emerging and established artists from Chicago and the larger Midwest area to submit work for a juried exhibition ‘Hot Fun in the Summertime.’ This is an unparalleled opportunity to gain exposure and build meaningful relationships in the art community, both on the local level as a Chicago-based exhibition and on an international level via the gallery’s web presence. Artists of all backgrounds working in any medium are welcome to apply. After the submission deadline on June 2nd, a panel of six judges will evaluate all completed applications and choose 20 winning artists. Selected artwork will be exhibited in a featured show running from July 19th until August 16th with an opening reception at the gallery.

Artists must submit all of the following to be considered:
  • Images of 3-4 available works (less than 2MB per image) that have never been exhibited or offered for sale previously, submitted with title, medium, size, and price for each. Retail price for each submitted artwork must not exceed $1,000.00
  • Brief artist statement/bio
  • Links to website and Instagram account
  • Submissions will be accepted via email only (no walk-ins) to hello@linedoteditions.com with the subject line ‘[First Name]_[Last Name]_Application’

Important Dates
  • June 2nd- Deadline for applications
  • June 21st- Selected artists notified
  • June 30th- Deadline for artwork delivery
  • July 19th- Opening reception for exhibition
  • August 16th- Exhibition closes
  • September 1st- All unsold artwork must be collected
  • Artists must be 18 years or older and currently residing in the Midwest.
  • Selected artists must promote the exhibition across all social media platforms.
  • Artwork must be ready to display and be delivered to the gallery no later than June 30th.
  • Artists will be responsible for collecting all unsold artwork between August 17th and September 1st. If an artist is unable to collect unsold artwork in-person, it is the artist’s responsibility to arrange and pay for return shipping.
  • Artists are not allowed to collect work before the exhibition ends on August 16th, or make arrangements to sell selected artwork through another platform during the exhibition.

Line Dot Editions reserves the right to reject any artist/artwork at any time, for any reason.

Adam Lundquist: Original Wood Carvings

We are thrilled to introduce Adam Lundquist's artwork to our Line Dot collectors. These colorful wood carvings and original paintings showcase Lundquist's mastery of his medium and meticulous attention to detail. Priced affordably, these unique pieces sold quickly at the release event last weekend! Remaining artwork is now available at the gallery and on our site here. 

Adam Lundquist is a Chicago-born and based designer, printmaker, and visual artist. His distinctive style is influenced by skateboarding culture and its confluence of rock & roll, tattooing, graffiti and street art. The aesthetics and imagery of these subcultures intertwines in Lundquist’s handcrafted wood carvings and detailed paintings. Lundquist is a regular collaborator and featured artist at numerous commercial venues, skate collectives, and art institutions throughout the city.

Matthias Jung: Surrealist Collages

Line Dot is excited to announce the release of three exclusive editions with the celebrated German artist and graphic designer Matthias Jung. This is the inaguarual release of the artist's work in the US and each edition is limited to ten prints. Available now at the gallery and online here

Matthias Jung is known internationally for his surrealist collages that juxtapose myriad architectural elements to dream-like effect. With meticulous detail, he crafts imaginative structures that feel both terrestrial and otherworldly. These hybridized edifices float above environments on the outskirts of civilization, appearing like mirages above rolling plains or arctic glaciers. Jung describes his creations as ‘architectural short poems’ aiming to challenge our relationships with traditional spatial environments.

An avid traveler, Jung draws from his adventures both conceptually and physically, manipulating photographs from his trips to design each original collage. The resulting whimsical creations have been featured in multiple international publications including The Guardian, and influential blogs like Colossal and Designboom.

Shannon Finnegan: Anti-Stairs Drawings

We're thrilled to introduce the work of Brooklyn-based artist Shannon Finnegan to Chicago with an original series of ink drawings on paper. Inspired by Finnegan's popup installation The Anti-Stairs Club Lounge, this new body of work continues the artist's interrogation of accessibility and inclusivity around able- and disabled-bodies. Sold with an accompanying zine, these meticulously rendered drawings are now on view at the gallery and available online here.