• Vivian Le: Participation Is Part Of Your Grade
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Vivian Le: Participation Is Part Of Your Grade


Opening Online Friday, March 27th

Line Dot is thrilled to present ‘Participation is Part of Your Grade’, a collection of new drawings exploring the theme of memories related to attending school, by Chicago based artist Vivian Le.

For this release, Le has created a series of playful, surreal, 11”x14” graphite drawings on paper featuring school children described by the artist as “kawaii (cute) macabre”. The works portray imagery in rich, vibrant, pink pastel hues typically associated as being favorite colors of young girls. Her characters, which are often school age children or doll figures embodying the shape of young children, are used by Le to explore the influence of the adult gaze and respond to the ways in which children have been used historically as romantic symbols. 

Le explains that her inspiration is drawn from many sources including illustrated works she explored as a young child, her daydreams and a consideration of the unconscious influence and performative quality of gender taught from generation to generation. The artist further comments that her drawings should be considered “fragments of storybooks” and that they are intended to express an implied narrative. Despite it’s somewhat onerous underlying themes, Le’s work is simultaneously charming and challenging; a compelling duality that invites deeper consideration from the viewer both visually and conceptually.

Vivian Le is a Chicago based illustrator and painter. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited nationally including Portland, OR and Miami, FL. Further information may be found on vivianleart.com or on Instagram @levivianart.

'Participation is Part of Your Grade' runs through May 1st and is available to view in the gallery by appointment.

  • Post author
    Adam K